Price List

Please note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
As it is impossible to list all items, brands and colors and material, design and care requirements, we have put together the following sample prices is to provide an example for most popular items
The prices for Designer Brands and Couture garments are higher and vary, because they require extra care and special attention for processing them.
Additional charges will apply to silk, cashmere, linen, beaded/sequined. White, special handling, special trims and finishes such as fluorescent finishes, special knits (St. John) and unique items.
Our minimum requirements for pickup and delivery
Marin: $25.00
San Francisco: $50.00
Peninsula: $50.00
East Bay $50.00
South Bay: $100.00
DRY CLEANING (Base Prices)
  Base Prices Starting at
Blouses/Shirts 20.00
Cardigans- Cashmere  35.00
Cardigan - Designer 45.00
Coats - Cashmere 65.00
Dress – Designer – Short -Silk 65.00
Dress - Designer – Long 160.00+up
Jackets-Plain 40.00
Jackets- Designer/Cashmere 70.00
Jacket - leather Call for $
Raincoat w/water repel 85.00
Shorts - Linen 20.00
Skirts – Silk 35.00
Suits - 2pc – Designer - Wool 75.00
Sweaters - Cashmere 30.00
Sweater - Designer 30.00
Tank tops – Silk 20.00
Gowns 249.00 +up
Wedding Gown Preservation 895.00 +up
Special Items Call for $
Base Prices Starting at
Pants 40 +up
Skirts 40 +up
Dress w/lining 60 +up
Pants or Skirts 25.00 and up
Dresses 50.00 +up
Lining Replacements
Long coats 240.00
Short Coats 150.00
Buttons 2.50 each
Sleeve Shortening 46.00
Polish Only 20.00
Full Sole & Heel 110.00
Half Sole & Heel 85.00
Ladies Heels 30.00
Men's Heels 35.00
LAUNDRY - Base Prices
Hand Finished Shirts - Linen 15.00
Boxed Shirts 7.50
Hanger Shirts 6.50
Shorts - Linen 20.00
Sport/Polo 15.00
Trousers/Slack 30.00
Tuxedo Shirts 15.00
Prices range from $5.00-$8.50 (per sq. ft.) depending on type: antique, Persian, oriental or standard rugs. Minimum size charge is $99.50. Call Us at 415-458-8181,  or contact us by email.
Linen, Drapery, Bedding, Sleeping Bags, Etc. Call 415-458-8180 for Prices.
Cleaning & Preservation - $895 and Up - Museum archival preservation system. Acid free package (extra charge for heavily beaded and fancy gowns may apply.) For a more detailed explanation, please touch on the wedding gown icon within your Alex's App home page.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Additional charges will apply to the following types of blends, colors or garments: Silk, Cashmere, Linen, Beaded/sequined, Gown, White, Special Sateen Finishes, Special Resin Finishes, Fluorescent Finishes, Special Knits (St. John) and unique items.

Designer brands: Additional Charges will apply to your designer brand garments as special care and handling is given to them.