Oakland Dry Cleaning

Welcome to Alex’s - We Simplify Your Life!

Since 1984, Alex’s Dry Cleaning Valet has built a reputation for commitment to quality. We are proud to offer our dry cleaning services to customers in Oakland.

A full service boutique dry cleaning company, Alex’s mission is to provide an enjoyable experience for their customers by focusing on high quality fabric care and workmanship, individualized attention, and an eye for detail. Garments processed at Alex’s benefit from this close attention to detail and will continue to look and feel their best.

Enjoy our Complimentary Pick up and Delivery, and pamper yourself. You can relax knowing that we are only one phone call away, six days a week, and that your favorite dress for that upcoming party will be collected from your house, cleaned professionally, and returned to you in no time. Most importantly it will look great.

For over 25 years we have been the Bay Area’s favorite dry cleaner, exclusively recommended by top designers and fine clothier in the Bay Area such as Wilkes Bashford, Neiman Marcus, and Christian Dior Boutique, just to name a few.

If you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that we do too and we are doing something about it. Not only have we been using biodegradable laundry detergent for the past 15 years, recycling hangers, switching to fuel efficient vehicles and more, we have also been amongst the first to offer an Eco Green Cleaning System to our clients, to offer reusable garment bags replacing plastics, and to promote wet cleaning. We welcome you to experience our “all inclusive” service, and see for yourself how your clothes will feel and look. You can always use another dry cleaner. But only Alex’s can take all your worries away. That is our promise.

Below are a variety of services that we’re happy to offer our clients in:

  • Fine Dry Cleaning in Oakland
  • Shirt Laundry Service in Oakland
  • Designer Brand Dry Cleaning in Oakland
  • Couture Dry Cleaning in Oakland
  • Complimentary Pick up & Delivery in Oakland
  • Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning in Oakland
  • Green Dry Cleaning in Oakland
  • Wet Cleaning in Oakland
  • Leather Cleaning in Oakland
  • Suede Cleaning in Oakland
  • Fur Cleaning in Oakland
  • Wedding Gown Cleaning in Oakland
  • Wedding Gown Preservation in Oakland
  • Comforters & Sleeping Bag Cleaning in Oakland
  • Table Linen Cleaning in Oakland
  • Bed Linen Cleaning in Oakland
  • Drapery Cleaning in Oakland
  • Area Rug Cleaning in Oakland
  • Alteration Services in Oakland
  • Knit Blocking – St. John in Oakland
  • Knit Reweaving in Oakland
  • Ski Clothing Cleaning in Oakland
  • Shoe Shine & Polish in Oakland
  • Shoe Repairs in Oakland
  • Vintage Cleaning in Oakland
  • Purse & Handbag Cleaning in Oakland

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